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Salty’s Sandals has been in business since 2000 offering the very BEST in style and comfort for your feet!!  From the Gummies up to the beautiful sandals with all the “BLING”, we have hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the place!!

While in the Myrtle Beach area, do yourself a favor and COME ON DOWN TO SURFSIDE BEACH and visit SALTY’S SANDALS in Hudson’s Surfside Flea Market!!

We are open year round but the days vary depending on the season.

Visit us today to see the latest fashions of the seasons along with matching accessories. We’ll help you pick out the right shoes that fit comfortable yet look stylish and fashionable as well.


Home of Grandco Sandals and Pali Hawaii Sandals (The Original “Gummie”)

Soft, Simply and Waterproof Footwear

We carry an extensive collection of all types of shoes for men, ladies and children as well as belts, wallets, shoe care products and accessories.

There are two things that you buy that SHOULD fit and/or feel good. They are SHOES and a MATTRESS!!! If you are not in one you are in or on the other!!
We have been selling sandals since 2001 and we have tons of satisfied customers. A large percentage of our customers are repeat customers!! When you find something you like, you need to return and get more!!

Most of our sandals are made from PVC. Yes, PVC, the same material your water pipes in your home are made from so water doesn’t harm them!! In fact, our men’s and some of the ladies sandals, float!! They will float but not with you in them!!!! You cannot use them for a life preserver!!!!

If you are planning a beach wedding and don’t want to spend $100 on a pair of shoes you will wear once, come visit us. Over the years we have had several beach wedding parties to make their purchase with us and were so pleased they came back and purchased additional sandals!!

Every foot is different. That’s why it’s not always easy to find a comfortable shoe that fits. Here are a few tips to help you find the right model for your foot.

Narrow foot
Do you have a narrow foot? If so, look for models that are shaped pointy and narrow. Lace-up shoes will also allow you to bed your foot comfortably.

Wide foot, high instep
Lace-up shoes, wide shapes and special widths are recommended for wide feet. For high insteps, we recommend shoes with Velcro strips or rubber seals, wide cut models or ballerina shoes.

When is the best time to buy shoes?
It’s best to try shoes on in the afternoon. After you buy them, you should take the time to break them in – first on carpet, then on harder flooring. When it comes to caring for your shoes, rely on the expert advice you get at our shoe store and learn about our assortment of accessories here.

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